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The freshest products of the island.
Welcome to Laxa Grocery
Products direct from the garden to your door.

Fresh and clean products, we have a great variety of vegetables, fruits, seeds and condiments, everything you may need for that special dinner. 

All our products come with a satisfaction guarantee. 

Party items

Sale of party supplies, we have a large variety of items so you can find everything you need with us for your events, we have the best prices on the island.

Hair supplies

Everything you need for your hair, shampoo, conditioners, hair dye and more.

And more...

Paymaster bill payment services, Food and liquor. Need more? Call us at the contact section below.



Cheesefield district, Lot. 2A Wallens Housing Sheme, Linsted, St. Catherine, Jamaica.



Business hours: 

Monday to Saturday 8 am / 8 pm
Sunday 8 am / 2 pm